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LinkScanner Site Rating and Methodology

The table below displays each icon used by LinkScanner to communicate web site safety and risk levels.

Rating Symbol Risk Level Description (indicates a page was inspected and found)
SAFE Safe Safe and free from exploits, phishing, social engineering and other active threats.
Caution Questionable There is a limited chance the page may contain harmful content. The user should be wary if the site/page is unknown to them or it involves either online purchasing or login information of any kind.
Danger Risky There is a reasonable chance that the page contains harmful content. The user should not go there unless they have previous experience with the page/site.


Dangerous The site delivers exploits without user knowledge or permission and/or is a known phishing, social engineering or other malicious, cyber-crime site.
Unknown Unknown LinkScanner was unable to scan this page. This could be because the page is no longer there, is malformed, is not an actual web page (PDF, MP3 or the like) or that there was an unexpected error in LinkScanner when scanning the page.
Animated Clock Image Animated Clock Image This symbol means that LinkScanner is scanning the page.

To provide you with the most accurate rating, LinkScanner undertakes multiple steps to determine the true safety of web sites.

Level # Level Name Explanation (indicates a page was inspected and found)
1 Real-time "Bad List" Lookup Is this site/page one of our known malicious sites/pages?
2 Real-time "Paper Trail" Evaluation If it is not on the known bad list, it is evaluated live on a variety of "paper trail" factors.
3 Real-time Content Inspection If it is not on the known bad list and the paper trail is clean, it may still be malicious so we then examine the actual page content looking for exploits and other malicious content.

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